COLDR002: Batu

Cold Recordings returns for a second instalment of uncompromising sonic assault – this time courtesy of 19 year old UK producer Batu, with two killer cuts: ‘Eraser’ and ‘Stairwell’.

‘Eraser’ kicks at 120bpm, using this tempo as a platform for Batu to showcase his unique take on house/techno – injecting it with a fully measured shot of dark energy. The percussion builds and moves with deadly precision as the weighted baseline snakes it’s way around the rhythm, hissing pads burning at the edges to give the track a sinister afterglow.

‘Stairwell’ runs at a cool 125bpm, taking a more broken approach to the rhythm than ‘Eraser’. Irrespective of the tempo,‘Stairwell’ moves with all the purposeful dread of an early Dillinja jungle cut – set to midnight stealth assassin mode.

As with COLDR001, this release comes as a 12” vinyl, packaged in die-cut, double sided print sleeves, shrink wrapped.

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