COLDR001: Elmono

2013 marks the launch of a new imprint headed up by Pinch, Bristol selector, producer and label boss of the mighty Tectonic.

Cold Recordings provides an outlet for new movements in the ever evolving UK hardcore-continuum – taking inspirational vibrations from a long standing heritage that runs through acid house, jungle, UK garage, dubstep and beyond. Rhythm and mood prevails here. The energy mutates into new forms once again. As the music bigwigs in suits call out yet another death-cry for vinyl, we stand firm and true to what we believe.

Cold Recordings releases will only appear in unique, quality packaging – providing an immaculate aesthetic to match the musical ethos. COLDR001 hosts the debut release of a new artist to emerge from the underground, Elmono. ‘Baton Rouge’ provides high energy for the dancefloor. Staccato vocal cuts swim around the garage-techno tinged 130bpm rhythmical backbone, sub bass pounding underneath – emotive pads steering the journey onward and upwards. Upbeat peak time grooves.

Flip then for ‘Shadows On The Moon’ – a more restrained production, refined and graceful. Dark moods are lifted with a lightness of touch – yin and yang. Blue pads and spacious reverb tails swirl around the weight of bass, suggesting aspects of house and techno without fully visiting them. Creating late night mystical moods.

Photo: Clive Davis