ColdR010 – Cocktail Party Effect

Once again, providing a context for exciting new producers to release their debut 12”, Cold Recordings is proud to now bring you ‘Cocktail Party Effect’. Hailing from a musical family Eric Baldwin, the currently Berlin based but British producer, shows off his colours here with a diverse, rhythmical, experimental – but always dance floor savvy […]

ColdR009 – Pinch

After a brief hiatus, Cold Recordings returns to form with a new release from label-boss Pinch, blurring the boundaries between dance floor sensibilities and experimental spaces. Both sides play at 128bpm making them versatile tracks to play out. ‘Water Bomb’ is finally available after many requests following its appearance on Mumdance’s acclaimed Fabriclive mix. Descriptively […]

ColdR008 – W3C

Latvian based producer W3C makes his stone-Cold vinyl debut with this killer 4-track EP, showcasing the producers hard and uncompromising sonic: industrial techno meets rolling UK-style broken rhythms, around the 125-130bpm tempo range. Sounds from an unknown dimension percolate and fizz around masterfully crafted percussive layers, always guided by a dramatic, evolving narrative. If you […]


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ColdR006 – Kinzy

Cold returns for an icy fresh start to 2015 with this 4 intelligent dancefloor cuts from Newport based producer Kinzy. ‘The Experience’ drops in heavy, weighted kick drums pounding out the sub bass frequencies in a broken-beat techno pattern. Dark, moody and charged with energy – a theme Kinzy continues with ‘Pressure’ – hitting 4/4 […]

ColdR005 – Pinch

Recently featured as part of CO.LD (Computer Output . Loop Dance), the first gathering of Cold Recordings’ tracks, this is the turn of label boss Pinch to provide us with a pair of dark, paranoid rollers, built for the moodier dancefloor! ‘Down’ harks back to ‘92 with its hardcore/ proto-jungle sonic. Menacing pads impose themselves […]

COLDR004: Acre

Manchester’s Acre takes the reigns for the next Cold Recordings installation – bringing his uniquely dark and twisted sonic to a very welcome home. Across all four killer tracks, Acre demonstrates his take on an increasingly emerging UK darkside bass- techno sound – throwing together elements of grime, techno and demented electronica, then shaking them […]

COLDR003: Ipman

Returning for a third outing this year, Cold Recordings is proud to present two uncompromising darkside techno cuts from rising star, Jack Gibbons aka Ipman. Having finely tuned his studio skills – working frequently with production partner Killawatt to produce killer dubstep releases on Tempa and Boka, and solo releases for the likes of Krytptic […]

COLDR002: Batu

Cold Recordings returns for a second instalment of uncompromising sonic assault – this time courtesy of 19 year old UK producer Batu, with two killer cuts: ‘Eraser’ and ‘Stairwell’. ‘Eraser’ kicks at 120bpm, using this tempo as a platform for Batu to showcase his unique take on house/techno – injecting it with a fully measured […]

COLDR001: Elmono

2013 marks the launch of a new imprint headed up by Pinch, Bristol selector, producer and label boss of the mighty Tectonic. Cold Recordings provides an outlet for new movements in the ever evolving UK hardcore-continuum – taking inspirational vibrations from a long standing heritage that runs through acid house, jungle, UK garage, dubstep and […]